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Bumper repair is one of the most common services required after a minor accident. Whether you were parked when an overeager fellow driver failed to squeeze into the spot in front of you or you took a tap while braking quickly to avoid a wayward bicyclist, we can repair plastic bumpers quickly at a competitive cost. After scheduling an appointment easily online or over the phone, we’ll make sure that, no matter how rugged of a condition your bumper covers and bumper arrive in at our collision center in Lexington, they emerge as good as gold.

We’ve Seen It All

Getting into an accident, no matter where it is or how much damage has accumulated can be a stressful experience. We want any worries you have to float away once an appointment at our collision center is secured. We’ve designed our hassle-free process, clear and prominently placed pricing structure, and customer service customs to relax our customers when they need it most.

After you’ve searched for a “bumper repair shop near me,” we prepare our technicians and service staff for your arrival at our center in Lexington. We pride ourselves on preparation as well, so you can expect our team to be ready for you and your specific vehicle’s needs as soon as you walk through the door.

Does your bumper have a minor scrape from a mishap or parking lot brush-up? Our team has an artist’s touch when restoring your bumper back to life. Thanks to time-honored techniques forged by years of experience, our repair experts will apply heat and the top repair products to your bumper. Soon, you’ll be out on the road completely intact and ready to roam as freely as you did before your dust-up.

If your bumper has more severe damage but has remained intact and has no massive cracks, our technicians will be able to perform the bumper repair with expert precision, getting you back behind the wheel with a bumper that is free of eyesores. Harsher damage will be more expensive, as increased labor and materials are often necessary. However, repairing significant damage to your bumper will usually incur a lower total cost than replacing the bumper completely.

Some situations, such as a severely cracked bumper from a higher-speed impact, render car bumper repair fairly useless. If the impact is forceful enough, there are times when there simply isn’t much left to repair or salvage. If your bumper has passed the point of no return, a replacement is your only option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumper Repair

We hear these questions about bumper repair all the time inside our doors, so we thought we’d compile them all in one place for you to review.

What is bumper repair?

Bumpers are the first part of your vehicle to absorb any impact during a collision. As a result, they can bear the brunt of the impact in an accidental parking-lot-ping between two SUVs or if the person behind you is texting and driving as they pull into the stoplight right by the school. Our technicians are experts in bumper repair and will use heat and top-of-the-line tools to erase paint scrapes, bumper-to-bumper scratches, and those pesky indentations. Most bumpers are thermoplastics, and our technicians know how to manipulate that flexible plastic to get the most out of your bumper repair.

How much should a bumper repair cost?

Bumper repair has a wide cost range due to the varying amount of damage that collisions can cause given different speeds, angles, models, and road conditions. Prices can range from a couple hundred dollars to smooth out scratches or less jarring scrapes to over a thousand dollars for dent fixes that often require more labor. Repairing a bumper is almost always a more cost-effective option than replacing a bumper, so make sure to explore all options that get the most out of the bumper you have.

Can you repair a bumper without replacing it?

A lot of bumpers can be repaired even when larger amounts of damage have occurred, as long as there are minimal or no cracks in the bumper. If your bumper has splintered in any way, you should consider replacing it entirely. As we’ve mentioned previously, the bumper is your first barrier between your car and another object during a collision. A cracked bumper means your first impact will be happening on a weaker object – one that could potentially cease to exist or remain attached when duty calls. There are some exceptions for cracked bumper repair, such as epoxy, a fiberglass repair kit, and a very steady pair of meticulous hands that may be able to reunite any fractures. Most cracked bumpers will require a replacement.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a bumper?

Replacing your bumper can cost around $600 plus an additional several hundred dollars for parts, depending on several factors, including make, model, and damage accumulated. Repairing a bumper as opposed to replacing it can save you some money if your damage isn’t too bad.

Visit Quantrell Collision Center for Bumper Repair

Quantrell Collision Center, located near our new car dealership in Kentucky, is a one-stop-shop for everything you need in order to bring your car back up to 100% functionality. If you’re searching for “bumper repair near me,” give our collision center a click, call, or visit us here near Louisville. Bumper repair doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the ways we can take care of your car. But if you need to get back on the road rapidly, we’d love to put our expertise and craftsmanship to work for you. For both bumper repair and bumper replacement, give our Quantrell Collision Center a call and set up an appointment today. We can’t wait to bump you forward towards fun drives ahead in a completely intact car.


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