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Paint Chip Repair

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Even if you try to stay away from other cars in parking lots and use your garage at home, there might still come a day when you need paint chip repair. Sometimes, this is an isolated service meant to restore your car’s look; in other cases, the paint damage might be a consequence of a more severe bump that your car has received. In either case, you can trust our experts to look after you and yours.

What Happens During Paint Chip Repair?

Chips in your paint might come from a stray rock that flew at your vehicle on the highway, a ding from another vehicle opening its door into yours, or from a collision. Our team will assess the damage to ascertain what repairs are needed. If the damage is minor, the typical process involves cleaning and sanding the affected area and then touching up the surface with color-matched paint. We will then level out the surface and apply a clear coat and paint polish.

In other cases, such as where a dent has occurred, our paint chip repair team in Lexington, KY, may need to massage your vehicle’s metal body before other steps can commence.

Why Prioritize Paint Chip Repair?

We know that you’re busy. In the grand scheme of life, it might seem easier to push off getting your car’s paint fixed another week — or another month — especially if it’s in an out-of-the-way place. However, while the paint has a lot to do with your car’s looks, it can also impact a car’s structure more than you realize.

Paint helps protect the metal underneath from oxidation. In areas where the paint is missing, the damage will likely spread as water, dirt, and road salt take advantage of the vulnerability. When you stop by our auto paint shop in Lexington, KY, shortly after noticing a problem, you save yourself both time and money.

Why Seek Professional Paint Chip Repair?

One of the most common DIY home improvement projects people undertake is to paint their own rooms, which is why you might find yourself inspired to try and perform car paint chip repair yourself. However, in the process, you can over-sand the surface or not match the paint appropriately, drawing more attention to the flaws in the area. If you don’t apply the paint correctly, you can leave your auto body open to rust. Furthermore, if there is more damage than you realize, covering it with paint won’t address the underlying issues.

Our professional paint chip repair team has your best interests in mind. We will work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible so that you drive out of our service center with a smile on your face.

Visit Our Auto Paint Shop in Lexington, KY

If your car could use some paint chip repair, make an appointment with our auto paint shop in Lexington, KY. Our goal is to restore your car to like-new condition because when your vehicle looks and feels its best, you can share that confidence, too. While we see all kinds of cars, we address truck paint chips quite often, too, as these vehicles often experience a lot of wear and tear on backroads or job sites. Contact our professionals if you have any questions about our services or pricing today.

“The staff was very kind and professional. Some kids in my neighborhood decided to paint the side of my car . The staff there not only got all the paint without hurting my original paint but did it that day within minutes. I would recommend them to anyone.”

review by Christine Adams
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