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There can be so many reasons why you’ve come to us looking for car frame repair. No matter what the reason, our I-CAR Gold facility has the tools, technicians, and techniques to get things where they need to be. In the following article, we’ll list some common issues that require car frame repair. By the end of the page, you’ll understand the importance of this unsung hero in your vehicle’s equipment and what we can do here at Quantrell to ensure quality car frame repair for your car. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Where’s a trusted body shop near me?” look no further than your friends at Quantrell Collision!

Telltale Signs You’re in Need of Car Frame Repair

Sometimes it can be tough to know if your frame needs some fixin’. The signs can be subtle, and you may be chasing recurring problems that are often misdiagnosed when it’s really a frame issue. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do my doors have a problem opening and closing?
  2. Has my vehicle been subject to road salts for many years?
  3. Are there inexplicable rubbing or grinding sounds from my engine compartment?
  4. Does my vehicle drift to one side, even after an alignment?
  5. Is there visible undercarriage damage?
  6. Have you been in an accident?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, your symptoms can point squarely to possible car frame damage. The good news is that our car frame straightening service is conducted by professionals who specialize in car framing all day, every day. There are a variety of techniques involved. Precise measurements are taken, and while pulling is the most common technique, entire sections may need to be cut out, replaced, and welded into the usable portions of your frame. Cutting and welding are most often used with car frame rust repair issues. Maybe the vehicle is new to you, and you have no previous knowledge of an incident. Was there an accident on the vehicle history report? Was frame damage reported? That isn’t always the case. Trust in our expert team to uncover the truth! Let’s take a look at some answers to questions that a lot of our customers have regarding car frame repair.

How to repair a rusted car frame?

This may vary depending on your frame type, which could be a box frame, sub-frame, or body-on-frame construction. In general, the damaged portion is removed, and welding or replacement is done to ensure safe operation. Much like having tooth decay removed, the unhealthy portions are shaved off and filled with materials that strengthen and enhance the healthy structure.

Can a rusted car frame be fixed?

Not always. As we mentioned above, rusted frames can be treated in sections, provided there is a structurally sound frame portion left to attach it to. If the entire frame is beyond repair, you are looking at a frame replacement, otherwise known as a frame-off, frame-over, or off-the-frame restoration service..

How much does car frame repair cost?

In general, car and truck frame repair is done if it can be done. In those cases, it may take several hours to a few days worth of pulling, testing, and treating. Expect those repairs to range from $600-$1000. Cutting out and re-welding frame portions can be relatively inexpensive, sometimes half of the previously mentioned amounts. In other cases, such as with a serious accident or a frame-off repair, you can pay more than $10K+.

Can a car be repaired if the frame is damaged?

Hopefully, by now, you can answer that question for yourself! But if you think there’s some big secret or perhaps voodoo is involved, there isn’t. Your frame is a part of your vehicle just like anything else, and it can either be repaired or replaced. The key factor, though, is finding the right place for the job, and if you live anywhere near Louisville, you’ve got to get to Quantrell Collision!

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We’ve been proudly serving our community for generations. We know what it takes to earn our customers’ trust, and as a green-certified, luxury new car dealership in Kentucky, you know that our roots run deep. So whether you’re thinking about a “new car dealer near me” or a quality “body shop near me,” you can add a check, check, and a double-check on that list. Come see why our services keep our customers coming back for life.


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